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“Our homes should be a source of happiness to the people who live there, so surround yourself with things that you love and let go of the rest."  - Joanna Gaines

In-Home Organizing

All-inclusive, hands-on organizing in your home

Our all-inclusive, in-home packages mean that we will handle all the aspects of your project-- from space planning to donation drop off.  We want you to enjoy your organized space without adding anything extra to your to-do list.


  • A complimentary 60-minute, no obligation in-home (or virtual) consultation to discuss the details of your project

  • Additional time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions

  • Additional time spent shopping for supplies

  • Sorting, editing, organizing, and styling of the space

  • Hauling one car full of trash or donation items after your session

  • Creating systems for the space and a plan to maintain

  • Arranging appointments with other service providers

  • Email access for two weeks after the session

  • 1-month check in


  • 4 Hours:  $400

  • 12 Hours:  $1080 (10% savings) save $120

  • 24 Hours:  $1920 (20% savings) save $480

  • 36 Hours:  $2520 (30% savings) save $1080

Not sure how much time you need?  No Worries!  We can figure it out during our free in-home consultation.

Scottsdale, AZ Professional Organizer Fig + Honey Organizing
Scottsdale, AZ Professional Organizer Fig + Honey Organizing

DIY Organizing

If you want to do it on your own and you just need a little jump start, this one's for you

On a budget?  The DIY plan works best for motivated people who want to get organized but wish someone would tell you where to start, what to buy, and how to keep going.


  • A 60-minute walk though in-person or virtually

  • A detailed written plan delivered 5-7 days after consultation with deadline check-ins and specific guidance based on your needs

  • A Pinterest board of inspiration

  • Product recommendations to fit your space

  • Email access for 30 days after your written plan was delivered


  • $200 per room, $150 for additional (if booked at the same time)


Once your space is organized, we want it to stay that way! 

Refresh packages are available to clients who have completed their organizing packages and want additional support to stay on track in maintaining their new systems.


  • Upkeeping and tweaking of systems previously put in place if needed

  • Updating labels

  • Clutter control of high-traffic areas

  • Filing paperwork and mail

  • Removal of donations

  • Tidying up of the space


  • $200 per space

Scottsdale, AZ Professional Organizer Fig + Honey Organizing

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